Using "Anymore" and "No more" -  part 2

Using “Anymore” and “No more” – part 2

written by Lilian Ndongmo. ESL Teacher

No more

Meaning  1: A definitive and permanent stop of an action, a thing or a person


There are no more eggs in the fridge. (you or someone else ate all the eggs)

There are no more trees in the forest. (you or someone cut down all the trees and did not replace them)

There is no more water in the bottle. (the bottle is empty)

There are no more lazy students in our class. 

Meaning 2: When you want to say that someone is dead.

Example: The famous old lady is no more.

                       In such cases, “no more” usually comes at the end of the sentence.

Meaning 3: Saying that an action or practice will not be accepted any longer.

Examples: No more war. (put an end to war)

                        Silent no more (“we” will not be silent anymore)

                        Idle no more

                        No more coming late to class! (late-coming will not be accepted anymore)

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