29 verbs followed by gerunds

29 verbs followed by gerunds

written by Lilian Ndongmo. ESL Teacher

Gerunds can be preceded by verbs, prepositional phrases and infinitives. In this post, we will be looking at verbs that can be followed by a gerund.  Keep in mind that these verbs can be conjugated in any tense of your choice: present, past and future tenses, etc. Always remember writing a gerund after these verbs.

Let’s look at a few examples to help you write your own sentences.

Verb: Dislike

  1. He dislikes playing football in the rain. ( verb in present tense)
  2. He disliked playing football in the rain. (verb in past tense)
  3. He will dislike playing football in the rain. (verb in future tense)

Scroll down for more examples.

Below is a list of verbs that can be followed by a gerund.

*Important to note: These verbs cannot be followed by an infinitive verbs except the verbs stop and quit which can take both a gerund and an infinitive.

  1. Admit:
  2. Anticipate
  3. Appreciate
  4. Avoid
  5. Complete
  6. Consider
  7. Delay
  8. Deny
  9. Discuss
  10. Dislike
  11. Enjoy
  12. Finish
  13. Keep
  14. Mention
  15. Mind
  16. Miss
  17. Postpone
  18. Practice
  19. Quit
  20. Recall
  21. Recollect
  22. Recommend
  23. Resent
  24. Resist
  25. Risk
  26. Stop
  27. Suggest
  28. Tolerate
  29. Understand

More examples with verbs followed by gerunds.

  1. You risk losing your job if you sleep at your desk all day.
  2. I suggested having the party next week.
  3. Jane recommends increasing our study time to two hours a week.
  4. Jason will practice speaking English every day.
  5. You should avoid eating candies if you have a toothache.