written by Lilian Ndongmo. ESL Teacher

Have you ever heard, seen or used this word before? Do you know what it means? This is one of those crazy things that the English language does. It combines two words with two different meanings to form another word. This technique is called coining.

What does STAYCATION mean?

Meaning:  Spending and enjoying your vacation at home.

Staycation is a combination of the words stay and vacation.

Stay implies ‘stay at home

 So,  stay at home + vacation = staycation


1. My husband and I are not going anywhere during the summer holidays; we’re having a staycation.

2. How was your staycation? Did you have a good time?

3. If you decide to take a staycation, make sure you have plenty of activities to do. 

Click  to listen to the pronunciation of  STAYCATION.



-Have a staycation

-Take a staycation

What are some fun things to do on staycation? Share with us in your comments.